Greetings and felicitations, friends.

A tragedy occurred here. Michael (co-host of Secret Fire Podcast and Finding Christ In Cinema) inadvertently “nuked” all of our websites. What that means is that nothing that has been published in the previous five years exists anymore.

This image shows the logo for the Secret Fire Podcast.

Needless to say, he is not very happy about this. In fact he’s so cross that he is writing in the third person – which is silly.

I’m not sure how to proceed, but I plan to. We (all who are involved in the Great Commission Transmission Network) have no desire to cease creating and decimating (thanks Autocorrect! That’s “disseminating”) content for the edification and equipping of Christians.

This image shows the logo for the Finding Christ In Cinema podcast.

We have been blessed over these years to hear from listeners of Finding Christ In Cinema, The Theonauts, and Secret Fire Podcast who tell us what a blessing our podcasts have been; how much they have grown in their understanding of the scriptures; and how we have provided tools for sharing the Good News with friends and loved ones.

Michael caught on camera the moment he learned that the GCTN suite of websites were gone… forever.

Rebuilding is going to be rough. In fact, I can’t see how. It most certainly will be different than before. We had so many tweaks to the code on the backend: custom this, latest do-dad that… All these things – these customizations – were added a little here; a little there. There is no way to remember what all previously existed.

Too, the loss of such fantastic blog posts – especially those of Brenden Taylor for the Finding Christ In Cinema podcast. They were truly stellar. And now, gone.

Secret Fire Podcast is only up to thirty-nine episodes, so those could be re-written. But, goodness, that’s a lot of work!

Perhaps we should just pick-up anew, begin where we left off, and mourn the loss.

Perhaps GCTN will be will be even better. What do you think?

Thank you all for years of friendship. Thank you to our patrons who help to fund this ministry via PayPal and Patreon. I love GCTN and could not imagine life without it.

  • Update: Many of our friends are asking about the podcast audio files. All of the mp3’s for Finding Christ In Cinema and Secret Fire Podcast are alive and well secured. They are backed up three different ways. The Theonauts podcast are all fine too. The real loss was all the hundreds of blogs posts from the past five years.
  • Update #2: I have been able to copy the text for our podcast episodes from the podcast app that I use. All Secret Fire Podcast episode blog posts and the most recent 100 episodes blog posts for Finding Christ In Cinema have been saved from oblivion. Now begins the arduous task of reposting everything.

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    1. Yes. We host all audio files on the Internet Archive; and they’re all backed up three other ways. It’s unfortunate that we lost all the blog posts to go along with them. But I have been able to copy the last one hundred episodes of Finding Christ In Cinema via the podcast app I use. The remaining 63 or so posts we’ll have to recreate. Thanks for your help!

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