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On this episode of The Secret Fire Podcast we’ll tell you what to expect from this new show where we will take a closer look at J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth through Christians lenses. We invite you to join us as servants of the Secret Fire – sent to burn at the heart of the world!

What Is The Secret Fire?

In The Fellowship Of The Ring as Gandalf the Grey battles the terrible Balrog of Morgoth at the bridge of Khazud-dûm, he tells the foul creature, “I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Arnor. You cannot pass.” What is this Secret Fire, and is it mentioned anywhere else in Tolkien’s legendarium?

Indeed it is!

In The Silmarillion we have recorded in the first paragraph of Valaquenta this statement:

Therefore Ilúvatar gave to their vision Being, and set it amid the Void, and the Secret Fire was sent to burn at the heart of the World; and it was called Eä.

We see that the Secret Fire was sent by Ilúvatar (the One). It originates from him. And there is more that could be guessed about the Secret Fire, but we have the advantage of the Professor’s (Tolkien) own confession: In Tolkien and The Silmarillion, author Clyde S. Kilby recounts a time when, asked directly what the Secret Fire was,  Tolkien confirmed that it is the Holy Spirit.

The Secret Fire sent to burn at the heart of the World – that same Flame Imperishable which Gandalf claimed fidelity and service to – was the Holy Spirit!

Brand New Show: The Secret Fire Podcast

We are so pleased to begin our long expected show, The Secret Fire Podcast. This has been in the works for quite some time. Michael and Brenden from Great Commission Transmission Network’s  Finding Christ In Cinema podcast are joined by Michael’s son (and old podcasting partner) Micah for a weekly journey through Middle-earth. We will be going chapter-by-chapter, book-by-book and taking it all in through Christian lenses.

We shall begin with The Lord Of The Rings and, Lord willing, continue on from there. In this introductory episode you get to meet the hosts and learn a bit about them and what they will bring to the round table each week, including:

  • Examining the craft of storytelling
  • Highlight favorite scenes, dialogue, and interactions in the story as it progresses
  • Sound clips from film and audio sources
  • Music from favorite Middle-earth inspired bands and musicians – such as Lonely Mountain Band
  • Follow the character’s footsteps in the Lord Of The Rings Online game
  • Discuss Christian themes as we go along
  • Much more.

The Lord Of The Rings

Brenden has never read LOTR, but he wants to! Being a storyteller and Theater Arts Major will give him some unique insights as he finally reads this masterpiece. This in itself gave rise to the Secret Fire Podcast. What a great opportunity to experience the wonder of someone going on a journey with with Fellowship for the first time, and that someone with the education and background that Brenden has.

Next episode we will be taking a look at the prologue to The Lord Of The Rings. So read those 15 or so pages and be ready to join us here on the Secret Fire Podcast.

Intro song: Old Toby from the album Second Breakfast by The Lonely Mountain Band.

Artwork by David Gaddy of The Theonauts podcast.

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