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Whether it makes sense or not, some Christians simply avoid watching secular films. While that is their prerogative, those Christians are missing the opportunity to find a common ground with the other people – namely, non-believers – and engage their culture with the Gospel. And while a non-believer may occasionally watch a Christian film, they are more likely to watch a secular film. Such films, then, should be incorporated into the Christian mission field, especially if it means being able to reach out to those who do not yet know Christ like we do.

The oversized popularity of secular films isn’t just because they are secular; that is, people don’t like these films just because they aren’t God-centered. On the whole, people in general – Christians and non-Christian alike – can just recognize a good story when they receive it. Whether it’s through film, theatre, television, a book, even just a story told around a campfire, people know a good story. Such stories can, for example, momentarily suspend reality with all of its imperfections and create a longing for the way things should be – that is, a desire for things on Earth to be as they are in Heaven.

The Apostle Paul was all about taking the momentum of the stories of the Athenian people and turning it back onto the people in the name of Jesus in a kind way – non-abrasive, non-confrontational, and non-judgmental. As infuriated as he may have been with them, he still knew their culture enough to find that common ground from which to proclaim the Gospel. Otherwise, his testimony would have been worthless and his time wasted.

Such is the same for us as Christians. Secular films provide that common ground from which to proclaim the Gospel: the Good News that, even though we’ve earned death because of our sins, God has given those wages to His own Son so that we can have eternal life through him.

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