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If someone were to accuse you of being a “stereotypical American Christian” would you be offended? Would you know what they may have meant by the statement? What about you will ultimately show the world that you are a follower of Christ? We discuss this and much more on this episode of our youth ministry podcast, Youth Challenge Today.

Are You A Stereotypical American Christian?

concert, crown, audience, entertainment, worship, stereotypical american christian, youth challenge today, youth ministry, youth ministry podcastWe came upon a blog post titled “7 Marks of A Stereotypical American Christian” on the Sojourners website, and found it an interesting read – if not a bit exaggerated. The author lists seven things which he has found to be pervasive in American Christian culture. He defines these as being traits of a “stereotypical American Christian.” We cover two:

  • Your online faith does not reflect reality
  • You need entertainment

After some discussion we ask the question, “How do we ultimately show that we are followers of Jesus, the hope of the world?” Listen to the podcast and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

There Is No Authority Except From God

At the time of this recording the US government was in shutdown. Half the country blamed President Obama and the Democrats, the other half blamed the Republicans in Congress. Josh didn’t care to talk about which team you preferred. Instead he asks how are Christians to behave and talk about their leaders no matter who they disagree with? In other words, how does the word of God instruct us to behave, and how does that reflect on Christ and His church? Here are some passages to meditate upon:

  • Romans 13: 1-2
  • I Timothy 2: 1-4
  • I Peter 2: 13-17

Is it okay for Christians to speak harshly about leaders – whether they are elected government officials, teachers, parents, or any other authority figure? And how do harsh words spoken in the company of unbelievers reflect on Christ and His church? Could those angry words make us more of a “stereotypical American Christian”, and less of a follower of Jesus?

Youth Challenge Today

YCT is the show where we explore the things that challenge you in your day to day life as well as equipping you to rise to the call of following Jesus. We’ll challenge you; you challenge us; and together we’ll be stronger in Him.

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Question: By what ways will the world know that we follow Jesus? Let us know in the comments below.


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