iGCTN: Sushi Powered Christian Vlog

On this episode of iGCTN we take you to Murfreesboro for a night of sushi and Les Misérables. Plus we’ll show you a self replicating cat, muse about a new video series, and much more in this look inside the Great Commission Transmission Network.

Sushi Powered Ministry

igctn, inside the great commission transmission network, vlog, christian new media, les miserables, mtsu, middle tennessee state universide, play, performing arts, tucker theater, sushiDo you remember my friend Dennis from the Ministering Spirits episode of our “Follow Me” video series? Dennis is a dear brother and friend in the Lord. We often say that we’re twins born a decade apart into different families. He and his wife Robin are a blessing to my family and everyone else that knows them. Dennis and I have a mutual love of many things – sushi being one of them. He had told me about his favorite sushi restaurant quite a while ago, and I finally had the chance to try it. Last week Dennis and Robin treated my family to see Les Miserables at Middle Tennessee State University’s Tucker Theater. We decided to have dinner at Cathay Asian Bistro before the production. It was fantastic! Definitely a top contender for my favorite restaurant.

An Overtly Christian Story

And how about Les Mis? Wow! This production was worthy of every positive adjective that I can throw at it. It drew a record crowd for MTSU too. I share a few of my thoughts about this “overtly Christian” story in this video. Including the fiery sermon about grace that is front-and-center throughout. Who is the priest in the story? Who is the antagonist?

The Many Moods Of Spock

igctn, inside the great commission transmission network, vlog, christian new media, spock, t shirt, t-shirt, star trek, christian, geek, christian geekWith my in-laws in town it makes transporting the six people in our household – plus my mother and father in-law – a challenge. We can fit 7 people legally in our van. A little misfortune involving that van left us a car short, and me out of a shopping trip. But I got a consolation prize: the greatest t-shirt that I currently possess! I’m not much of a t-shirt wearer anymore. I prefer Hawaiian shirts. Especially those that look like they were made in the 1950’s or early 60’s. But when I do wear t-shirts I prefer them geeky. And nothing says “geek” like Star Trek. Original series, of course. Mr. Spock’s vast panoply of complex emotions are wonderfully emblazoned on this fine garment. I couldn’t wait to show it to you! I’ll bet sushi would put a smile on his face.

We’ll show you all that and much more on this episode of iGCTN.

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