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In this Thanksgiving Day special we hope to talk about what thankfulness is, where it comes from, and where it leads.

What is Thanksgiving?

There are many aspects of being thankful and you can be thankful while in any status in life… rich, poor, sick, healthy, sad, or happy. In this episode we will try to bring out the importance of perspective, faith, humbleness, and trust in God.

First, how can we be thankful during good times? Why is it so hard to be thankful when we have so much and things seem to be going well? You would think this would be the times we are most thankful, but time and again we become too proud or arrogant. Many times we even think we are being thankful when we really have no idea what the concept is even about.

Then we ask how can we be thankful during bad times? When we just want to ask God, “why me?”. Is it in fact, easier to be thankful when things aren’t so good or do we turn our backs on God because we believe He has turned His back on us. Through the eye of faith we can actually see many times our struggles can actually be long term blessings.

Finally we must learn to focus and allow our thanksgiving to turn to praise and service to others. Join us as we examine what this holiday season is really about and hope to shed a new perspective on what it means to celebrate Thanksgiving!

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