The Fate of the Apostles

We read about the apostles in the Bible and how they were willing to die for their faith. But what happened to them after the events of the New Testament? Historical memory tells us and today we discuss it!

The Fate of the Apostles

So today we will be leaning on the writings of Josephus, John Foxe, and the accounts of countless others to piece together what happened to the twelve apostles after the time of the writing of the New Testament. This is the quintessential testimony to the truth of the crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The mere fact that these men and many other of the disciples went to their death for their witness of the resurrected Jesus is a huge faith-building study. If people are claiming to see Jesus raised from the dead adamantly enough to endure torture and death, you can count on both their witness and the belief in their own resurrection.

Here is a quick run-down of who we will be talking about and we will detail many of their stories:

James (brother of John) – Beheaded
Simon Peter – Crucified
Paul – Beheaded
Andrew – Crucified
Thomas – Speared
Philip – Stoned and Crucified
Matthew – Speared
Bartholomew – Crucified
James (the lesser) – Stoned / Clubbed / Thrown from the temple (maybe)
Simon (the zealot) – Killed for not sacrificing to idols
Thaddeus (Judas) – Killed for not sacrificing to idols
Matthias – Burned to death
John – Died of old age

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