The Fellowship of Prayer: Part 1

Today we begin a two part study on prayer and how important it is to build our fellowship with God and others.

The Fellowship of Prayer

True fellowship (or koinonia in the Greek) with the Father begins in prayer. In this episode we tackle the intimacy aspects of your prayer-life. How does the bride of Christ speak to her husband? How do children communication with their fathers? These are questions that will give us a better understanding of how prayer works between us and God.

We will look at some great examples from the past on how prayer changed the lives of people and even helped start the Second Great Awakening here in the United States. We want people to fall in love with talking to God and not just in some formal obligation of prayer. We also hope the listeners will discern between empty prayer and Spirit-filled prayer.

Join us as we begin this study of how true fellowship is formed around prayer!

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