The Great Commission Transmission Network Is Coming

GCTN TeaserWelcome to the new site for the GCTNetwork. We have a lot of work to do. Actually “a lot” connotes that we’re nearly there – as many use that colloquialism as a way of saying “we’re are pretty much there, but will be adding and updating things as we go along.”  We aren’t. There are many radio shows to produce (in fact we need to set-up the radio station software, period); there is video quality issues to overcome; there are producers and technicians to recruit; and there are funds needed to realize this ministry.

What exactly is this ministry? Here is and excerpt from the post on our temporary site:

Simply, the ministry of the GCTNetwork is to equip the youth, lift up the elderly, bless the needy, and seek and save the lost via Internet radio, streaming video, and social networking. All generated and powered by extraordinary, everyday regular Christ-following people of all ages. A mix of topic driven shows, music, and variety content will lead the effort on GC Radio.

The Great Commission Transmission is not your normal Christian New Media. We will heed what Allen Ginsberg said – “whoever controls the media, the images, controls the culture” – seriously, and do our best to influence the youth of today toward following Christ… using a medium and tenor that they understand.

Won’t you partner with us today?

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