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In 1859, a man by the name of Charles Darwin wrote a book that changed the scientific world. The book was entitled “The Origin of Species”. This book proposed that all species of life evolved over time from a common ancestor, through a process Darwin called natural selection. This work is the cornerstone upon which all evolutionary theories are derived, including the modern ones. Darwin culminated evidence he obtained on a five year, world-wide journey aboard a ship known as the HMS Beagle. During the course of this journey, Darwin spent the majority of his time investigating environments and collecting evidence of natural history. Through these observances, Darwin concluded all life was a mere product of the environment, shaping and adapting over long periods of time. This gave a scientific explanation for the diversity of life upon the planet. This led him to theorize about the growth of species through mutation. These mutations led to more complex biology. Thus he was able to tie the origin of species back to a simpler common ancestor.

Now, more than 150 years later, the theories of Darwin are still widely supported and used as the basis for modern evolutionary theories. This is despite the fact that our scientific methods have improved drastically. Our understanding of the natural world has increased exponentially since that time. Yet Darwinistic evolution is held on to like a religion. No one is allowed to question or doubt it. It is treated like fact, even though, at best, the theories of Darwin were pseudo-science to begin with. Sure Darwin collected real evidence. But then using that evidence, he made huge leaps in logic to reach his hypothesis.

Darwinism and Evolution

In this episode we continue our discussion of creationism by talking about the odds required to make Darwinistic macro evolution work. We also discuss basic laws of physics and how they seem to be ignored by Darwinists.

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