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The character of Thorin Oakenshield is driving the plot of Peter Jackson’s blockbuster film, The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug. Can we find Christian themes in his quest to reclaim Erebor? We’ll explore that in this video excerpt from our brand new movie podcast, Finding Christ In Cinema.

Thorin Oakenshield And Tunnel Vision

Finding Christ In Cinema co-host, Brenden, says that this film version of Thorin Oakenshield is very apathetic and callous. Especially in the series’ second installment, The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug. Two specific concerns are:

  • Leaving a wounded Kili behind, saying that he will not risk the quest on his account
  • Refusing to come to the aid of Bilbo as he faced the dragon Smaug

thorin oakenshield and tunnel vision, thorin oakenshield, the hobbit, desolation of smaug, podcast, finding christ in cinema, christian movies, gctn, gctnetwork, great commission transmission networkBrenden says the key words to describe Thorin is “tunnel vision.” And he asks the question: Are we as Christians sometimes so wrapped up in the Great Commission that we forget that our mission is saving people? We will be interested in seeing the progression of Thorin Oakenshield in the final installment of the series. In the meantime make sure you download and listen to the entire audio podcast of Finding Christ In Cinema to hear all of our thoughts, and what Christian themes we shared from The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug.

Finding Christian Themes In Movies Past and Present

Finding Christ In Cinema is the show where we dig deep into the silver-screen classics of yesteryear as well as the box-office hits of today. We take a closer look at the stories they tell, and see if we find the face of Jesus looking back. We’ll explore the deeper meanings of these films; their plots and their twists; the characters and their choices; and how we can relate them to the gospel of salvation, and ultimately our Christian walk.

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QUESTION: What Christian themes have you found in the Hobbit films? Let us know.


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