iGCTN: To Be Continued

This 15th episode of the Inside the Great Commission Transmission Network vlog is the last. But in the spirit of leaving doors open, not burning bridges, and whatever other idiom fits this particular occasion, we have opted to affix the title “To Be Continued” — just in case.

To Be Continued

This vlog has served it’s purpose, which is to give a peek behind-the-scenes of what happens at the GCTNetwork studio while running a Christian New Media ministry. It is a lot of fun to do too. The problem is that it is a lot of work. Of the handful of people involved in the network I am the principle (read: only) producer, creator, writer, and editor of the audio podcasts and videos. It is literally a full-time job. And because iGCTN is only marginally a ministry tool — that is, it’s primary function isn’t to spread the Gospel — we need to devote my energy elsewhere.

Between You And Me

to be continued, vlog, igctn, gctnetwork, gctn, great commission transmission, christian, new mediaI want to pinpoint my focus on the series Between You And Me with Michael T. That show has not received the attention that it needs — which is of the constant variety — because of the time involved in the production of iGCTN. And because I am a firm believer that the content produced at the GCTNetwork must be fun — since this network’s first priority is to the youth and young adults of the Internet generation — we’ll continue the fast-paced format of Between You And Me, yet develop that further by mixing-up the settings in which it is filmed. We’ll make it more interactive. Which is what a vlog should be.

Questions, Comments, Piggy-back, Editorials, Off-the-Wall Remarks?

Of course, I reserve the right to film further episodes of iGCTN any time I like. And once the action picks-up a bit more on our website and YouTube channel I’ll expect to receive more feedback on this. In the meantime use the links below to get a conversation going, and to build the community of people who believe that the Internet is an amazing road to travel in fulfilling the Great Commission.

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