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This week the Theonauts examine tough questions about how we live out our Christianity. Is that life defined by our politics, our affiliations, our organizations, our fears, our need for entertainment, our patriotism, or is it truly defined by Christ?

These are not easy questions to answer because the culture where we were raised in has such a large impact on who we are and what defines us. Especially if it was a Christian culture. Are we letting our politics and personal bias shape our walk with Christ? Or are we truly letting Christ shape the way we see those things? It’s easy to confuse our wants and desires as the things God wants FOR us.

Would we still be wearing the Christian name if we didn’t have such a Christian-friendly culture to play in?

What does our Christian Culture look like?

Let’s see if our culture has shaped us to:

  • Fear the unknown like Chicken-littles
  • Argue and debate every facet of our faith with disregard
  • Create camps, organizations, and institutions we feel are needed to serve
  • Borrower our theology from men and traditions instead of discovering it
  • Trumpet Christ online or to Christian friends, but ignore him in reality
  • Put on every other label we can find to wear to blanket our beliefs
  • Focus on quantity and mass results instead of quality
  • Need entertainment to serve
  • Place our desire for physical life, liberty, and happiness over spiritual life, liberty, and happiness


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