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On this special episode of the Secret Fire Podcast we share an interview with noted scholar, Dr. Tom Shippey. Tom is a retired professor of Middle and Old English, and is considered one of the leading scholars of the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien. Plus his knowledge of Beowulf is incredible!

Tom Shippey Interview on Middle-earth Network Radio

On the previous episode of the Secret Fire Podcast we failed to inform you that we would not be in the studio this week. So, in lieu of the regular show, we will instead take you back in time to the old Middle-earth Network. I ran the radio station for the network and some of you may remember the shows we produced such as The Founders’ Inklings and Middle-earth Network Specials. We had some incredible guests and some fantastic conversations.

Though the exact date of this interview is not certain, it most likely aired live on Middle-earth Network Radio in January, 2012. Join me, and the other founders of Middle-earth Network – Mark Ostley, Tyler Michael Jonsson, and John Di Bartolo (of Lonely Mountain Band fame) – for a delightful visit with Dr. Tom Shippey.

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