Video: Introducing Youth Challenge Today

We are excited to announce the release of the very first episode from our brand new show called Youth Challenge Today on GCTNetwork. Youth Challenge Today, or YCT for short, is a roundtable discussion featuring the Schwartz brothers (that’s JD & Josh) plus Michael T, and you – the kids and young adults looking for ways to better understand how to walk with The Lord. Or perhaps you’re a young Christian that is wondering how to respond to the things that you encounter everyday among your friends: the things found in popular culture such a movies, tv shows, music, books, news, world-events, philosophies. Maybe you are not a follower of Jesus. Maybe you have questions about the bible that you want answered before you make a decision, but you don’t have anyone that you can ask. Well, all of you are a part of this round table. We want your questions and your comments. We want you to join us at

We’ll challenge you; you challenge us; and together we’ll be stronger in Him.

This is your Youth Challenge Today.

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