Video: Ministering Spirits

Continuing the Follow Me series, we pick-up in Ministering Spirits right where we ended the last episode – Matthew 25 – in order to examine what is really meant by the word “minister”. It’s the Greek word, diakoneo, and it means to attend to anything that may serve another’s interests. It’s a domestic word – which means that it is of, or relating to, the running of a home or family relations. And somebody who serves the needs of others in that way is a diakonos; a deacon.

We’ll take what we’ve talked about so far and see it in action at the Glen Oaks Health and Rehabilitation center in Shelbyville, TN, as some servants/ministers/deacons (they are all the same exact thing) help to bring a little joy to the residents there as Ministering Spirits. So come along… Follow Me!


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