What is God’s Will for My Life?

Does God have a specific will for my life? If so, how do I discern what it is? Or are we just wasting our time trying to find something that is not discernible?

What is God’s Will for My Life?

In this episode, Riley Neal joins us as we are examining this popular question about God’s will for us. Really there are 3 major views on the question and we plan to explore these views:

  • The Specific-Will View – God has a specific, personalized view for our life and we must strive to discern what that will is. This is a popular view which leads people to all kinds of anxiety in big life decisions. How do we know what choices to make so that we remain in His divine will for us? There are tons of opinions and advice available for finding His will for you… just Google it. 😉
  • The Wisdom View – God’s will for us is about direction and not specific details. He has no personalized will for your life and you are wasting your time in searching for one. In fact, it may lead to dangerously looking for signs where they do not exist. Instead, these big life decisions are made with the wisdom we obtain from the Word of God.
  • The Relationship View – God’s specific will for us is that we be in a relationship with Him. He may have specific plans for us, but we do not need to look for it. Instead, we just seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. God’s will is then fulfilled in us when we make Jesus the absolute center of our lives regardless of the individual decisions we make.

Join us in examining the pros and cons of each of these viewpoints. Plus we get to talk a little politics…


We used “How Then Should We Choose?: Three Views on God’s Will and Decision Making” edited by Douglas S. Huffman as our major resource for the episode.

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