What is Heaven? | The Theonauts

In this episode of Theonauts we take a sojourn through the Pearly Gates to gain a glimpse of God’s glorious Kingdom called Heaven.

Although there is much misunderstanding (mainly based on works of fiction and biblical misconceptions) about what Heaven will be like, we confront the facts. Heaven is the eternal dwelling place of God, and the eternal dwelling place of His saints (Revelations 4, 5, and 21). It is a place prepared by Him specifically for those that trust in Jesus as Savior and Lord; and is therefore perfect (John 14:3). Heaven is indescribable in beauty and perfection (Revelation 21). Those dwelling in Heaven will have no more pain or sorrow, and will be in perfect peace (again…Revelation 21). Heaven has tangible (physical) and Spiritual qualities, just as those that will dwell in Heaven will be physical and spiritual (1Cor. 15:42-53).

The redeemed will worship at the feet of God for eternity in Heaven, therefore fulfilling our purpose of glorifying God (Rev. 4:10). There is only one way to gain access to the Kingdom of Heaven. Through the blood of Christ, we are positionally made perfect and therefore fit for the Kingdom. Only by having faith in Christ’s redemptive work can one be ushered into eternal glory (John 14:6).

Life in Heaven

​There are many debates and speculations as to other beliefs about Heaven. Will we remember what happened on Earth? Is there an understanding of time in Heaven? Is there such a thing as Soul Sleep? Will there be animals in Heaven? Although we can (and do in this episode) make informed guesses at the answers to these and other conundrums, there are no specific answers in the Bible. Much of the material used in this episode (that didn’t come from scripture) comes from the book Heaven by Randy Alcorn. You can also gain some insight from The Rich Man and Lazarus by EW Bullinger. One thing is for sure, Heaven is going to be out of this world!


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