Who is God? | The Theonauts

God; that very word induces a multitude of thoughts.

Who is God?

From whence did He come? How long has He existed? In this episode of Theonauts we explore the very person of God. Join us as we dive headlong into this discussion of God’s Natural and Moral attributes.

Is God all-knowing? What does His Omnipotence mean to us as humans? We discuss the fact that Jesus seems to show Himself to be on the same level as God in scripture. We also search out the truth that God exists out of time. We discuss the fact that God cannot be held by anything man made, but is REALLY REALLY BIG!

Join us as we contemplate the Holiness of God. What does it mean to be holy? How is God’s holiness on display for mankind? What exactly is a righteous and just judge? If God is so holy, so just, and so righteous, then where does that leave us?

Join us as we delve into the fact that God is unchanging. Can we even imagine something being unchanging? And what about the claim that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow? Listen in as we discuss the argument against God either being all powerful or all loving because of disease, pain, or suffering.

According to scripture, God has always been, and always will be. What does this mean? How can something always have existed? Does God require us to be just like Him? Is there significance that the Bible describes God as being Holy three times over? What does God mean when he tells Moses to say that “I Am” has sent him?

Most importantly, if God is so very big, powerful, and perfect, then how can we ever attempt to have a relationship with Him? Is this where the love of God comes into play? Join us for all of these questions and more as we discuss the very nature of the Almighty. Who is God?

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