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Did you know that God performed the first sacrifice? Yeah. It’s in the Bible.

Happy New Year and welcome to this new video series called In The Bible. A little over a year ago I joined the many millions of others – over 100 million now – who have started using the YouVersion Bible app. I’m using it for my daily Bible reading. But more on that in a bit – let’s jump into the text!

Jesus: The Final Sacrifice

Hebrews 10 speaks of the final sacrifice made through Jesus. It says that the law was only a shadow of good things to come. And that it (the Law) could never make perfect those offering the sacrifices. But through one offering – Jesus – God has perfected for all time those who are sanctified by His blood.

Genesis chapter 2 retells, and expounds on, the creation of man. Chapter 3 introduces this mysterious creature called “the serpent” who deceived Eve and convinced her to eat the forbidden fruit. She gave the forbidden fruit to Adam who eats it too. This causes a break in fellowship with God. Sin takes us out of fellowship with God. This sin – illustrated by Adam seeing that he was naked, exposed, laid bare before God – needed to be dealt with in order to begin to repair the damaged relationship.

The First Sacrifice

Because man could not hide his own sin God made garments from animal skins for Adam and Eve. Animals died for those garments to be made. God sacrificed the animals. Thus God made the final sacrifice and the first sacrifice. The difference is that the final sacrifice not only covered, but REMOVED sin – never to be remembered for all eternity.

Yeah. It’s in the Bible!

in the bible, first sacrifice, 1st sacrifice, who made the first sacrifice, youversion, bible app, gctn, gctnetwork, great commission transmission networkWhy don’t you join me on this quest to read through the Bible in 1 year. There’s still time for you to start. Here is what I’m doing, and how you can come along for the journey:

  • Go to Bible.com
  • Sign up for a free account
  • Download the app to your mobile device
  • Open the app
  • Navigate to the menu
  • Select “Plans”
  • Choose “Whole Bible”
  • Scroll until you find “Chronological”, a plan by Blue Letter Bible

We’ll read together and when I come across things that I can’t help but to bring to your attention I’ll record a video! Hopefully that will be at least once a week. Maybe more.

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