What constitutes witchcraft and why does the Bible speak so strongly about it?


In this episode of the Theonauts, we will discuss the issue of witchcraft. It seems that most modern day Christians do not give witchcraft a second glance. We don’t take it too seriously. Our pop-culture is saturated in references to it. Yet the Bible addresses it over and over again. It was an offense punishable by death under the old Law. So how should we be looking at it today?

Why is witchcraft attractive to young people today? We’ll talk about some of the draws and the attractiveness of practicing it. But then there is the question of how far do you take this? Does this mean discarding such classic stories as the Wizard of Oz or any other work that contains witchcraft?

In addition to these questions, we will also address some ancient theories of where witchcraft and sorcery began.

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