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You can’t go to church!

The church of Christ is not a building that you can visit, or walk through its doors, or sit in it’s pews, only to leave after a couple hours of faithful attendance with the plans of visiting again in a few days. The church meets together at buildings or, the more scripturally accurate, houses. It may even gather at the riverside for worship, fellowship and communion with one another. But you certainly can’t go to church.

The church is what we are

When we allow ourselves to speak of the building (or house, or park, or riverside, or… you get the picture) as “going to church”, “the church”, etc., we start to believe it. Then we teach that concept to everyone we know including our children. And we start to sing songs to them like, “the wheels on the car go ’round and ’round all the way to church.” And we train them that church is something we do. Because words mean things.

between you and me, bymThe church is what we are: the body of Christ; a holy temple to the Lord. You can’t go to church. But you can be the church.

And before anyone is provoked to say that we are insinuating that gathering with the saints to worship God together is unnecessary – we are certainly not! That isn’t what this video is communicating at all.

So watch “You Can’t Go To Church” on this episode of Between You And Me with Michael T to hear more, and we’ll see you Sunday morning at the body of Christ! See? That didn’t sound right, did it. No. But we do hope to see you at the assembly.

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